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Providing a quality of life and education to the rural areas of Ghana

The trustees who are the driving force

Dr Victor Ukaegbu

I’m currently, the Chair of the board of Trustees with specific interest on education and social developments. I’m married to Helen-Rose, and we have four children. 

We now live in Northampton and I teach Drama and Performance within Bedford University.

We have been friends with George and Sally from before Seeway Trust came into being and have been part of the Trust from its birthWell, 

 I oversee deliberations and the effects of our decisions on person development, on localities, education for life and health projects in Africa.

I am constantly amazed at the amount of work that each member of the Trustees board does and how a very small beginning has made a lot of difference. I’ve been truly privileged working with such unassuming, generous people and look forward to our meetings.

Working with Seeway Trust is, to me, a very special relationship; the Trust does what I’d always wanted to do but felt unable to; it touches so many more people that I can only dream about. I think this is what brings the Trustees, and you, together in the service of  God through serving children and young people. 

Sally Bainborough

I am married to George, Mother of two. I am now retired from the NHS after a very lengthy period of service I thought that the administration of Seeway Trust with responsibility for sponsorship-liaison, would be responsibilities that would fit more easily into a retired lifestyle!! How naive can one be!!

My role of Sponsorship - Liason encompasses the “Bridge” between the Sponsor who supports a child through Seeway Trust and the child who is supported within the Charity. As the Trust enters its twentieth year of existence, this role has evolved over that time.

Sponsorship has always been a fundamental, if not pivotal, part of the Trusts work and income, alongside Partnership. When a third world culture clashes with the legal requirements of UK Charity law, or a child may sadly die, then the role takes on a different mantle of care, and responsibility becomes more personalised for both Sponsor and Trust alike.

Without doubt one of the exciting experiences for me is when Sponsors have an opportunity to visit their child with the Seeway Trust. There is a joy and a “buzz” of seeing both child and Sponsor come together, in order to get to know, talk, share, swap photos, playing, going through the schoolwork, its all about being relational and personal into a child’s life. In turn these children are absolutely overwhelmed that you should come all the way from the UK to see them.

George Bainborough

A now retired Police Officer and Chimney sweep, in my mid sixties I am married with two grown daughters, three grand- daughters, and living the retired lifestyle dream in Mid Devon!

I remain active in developing a Nursery of plants, shrubs and trees for sale in order to, among other things, support the work of the Trust, and I travel primarily to the various places in which Seeway Trust has projects on a regular basis.

My main focus has been Ghana in which I am the lead Trustee and have recently set up the Seeway Education arm of the Trust.

Although it has been 20 years now since Sally, Victor and I began the Trust, it remains my passion to see the work develop further and to be responsive as led.

Julie Yelland

I am married to Mike who is a builder and we have two grown up children.  My involvement with Seeway Trust started in 2005 when I was appointed Treasurer to the Trust.

Sally and I work closely together to ensure that all donations are used according to the donor’s instructions. If you are a UK tax payer then Revenue & Customs will pay a further £2.50 directly to Seeway Trust for every £10 you donate – that is 25%! You just need to let us know you are a UK tax payer and we will do the rest.

As a team we are really excited about how the work of Seeway Trust is developing. Our mandate is to ‘rescue children’ and we are so grateful to everyone who has caught the vision God has laid on our heart and committed themselves to supporting these children. We believe transparency in our financial dealings is vital and welcome questions about how and where your donations are spent.

We are extremely grateful to all our supporters who are so generous in their giving. Through your financial support we are able to provide vulnerable children with a permanent safe home, medical care, education, and a hope and a future, while showing them the practical outworking of the love of our Lord Jesus Christ. This enables them to become responsible adults, confident in their ability to care for their own families on attaining adulthood and impact their own communities and consequently their nation.

Frank Afriyie

I am 41 years old, am married to Amy and have four girls with ages ranging from 16 year to a year and a half.

Originally from Ghana I have now lived in the UK for about 10 years, I am an ex teacher and hold the ACCA CAT qualification.

I joined Seeway Trust because of its what it stand for, we rescue children and lead them to Jesus, My zeal is to teach the word of God and share of his light and word to them enabling them to grow and be better people who are called to make a difference.